February 15, 2014

Dear Pam,

My family and I would like to thank you for the work that your Blue Hill group did on my mom’s estate sale. When she moved at age 90, she left several generations of inherited belongings. She was an only child and had acquired the estates of several family members who did not have children to pass things on to. That huge attic was packed, dirty and stuffy, but your wonderful team got it all out and with a smile on their faces. You sorted, cleaned, organized, and priced. We would have never been able to research the value of most of the items in the house and your expertise was vast. The sales amount was absolutely jaw dropping! Mom was amazed. We appreciate the sensitivity and careful handling of you and your co-workers when finding special personal belongings and papers, some dating to the 1890’s.

We were especially impressed at how you were able to display so many things in such a tight space and it all looked great. Advertising for the estate sale on the internet with over 300 pictures on multiple sites, no doubt, led to an extraordinary volume of customers. We have heard from our friends who attended the sale, that you were all very pleasant to work with. That had to be difficult during three very busy days.

Honestly, I feel that you “rescued” us from an overwhelming situation and our family cannot thank you enough.

Christy and Family

Hi Pam,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the incredible job you did on my Mother’s estate sale. As you know, she was 91 at the time of her passing, had lived in her house since January of 1948 and never threw a single thing away. My sisters and I were so overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of trying to sort through everything. You and your amazing staff were able to take a huge mess and turn it into something of value. When I first saw the pictures on your web site advertising the upcoming sale, I simply could not believe it was my Mother’s house or belongings. To see how you cleaned, sorted, catalogued, priced and presented everything was nothing short of a miracle. I grew up with most of that stuff but you made it look so attractive I was tempted to buy some of it back!

Seriously, you and your staff were amazing. I know what a daunting task it was but you were able to sort and sift through the junk to actually find items of value. I had no qualms at all about leaving you and your girls alone in the house and I had complete trust that you were looking out for our best interest.

When you sent me the final check I could not believe my eyes. And to think we were considering just having the place bulldozed without a second thought.

There is a job for everyone and I believe you have found your calling. I highly recommend you to anyone and everyone who is even considering having an Estate Sale. My husband even asked if you could come sell all our stuff and we are both still living. Your prices were extremely reasonable and your work without fault.

Thank you so very much.


Pam...I thought the summer Estate Sale would be the most difficult part of my move, instead it was the easiest. You and your staff were not only professional and knowledgeable of the "worth" of my belongings, but your kindness, care and consideration were not expected! You have my profound appreciation and gratitude. M. R. Seal